Lukas Lindberg

Lukas Lindberg

Backend Developer

Hi I'm Lukas,

I work at Comprend primarily as a backend developer. I've been in the business for 10+ years ranging from system admin, business systems and web development. Been around computers since I was a child and still have a genuine interest in all types of technology and it is still a huge part of my life with many late nights to my wife’s regret. And a sore wallet due to an expensive hobby, that 980ti made a dent.

I’m a bit of an oddball I do really appreciate design and thought of the task. As of why do I try to solve the problem? Why does the problem exist in the first place and is the solution the best way to solve it? Should we even do it just because it’s asked of us, challenge thoughts and processes.
-Is this the best we can achieve?

As a developer I'm pragmatic: Keep it simple, don’t repeat yourself.
.NET framework is a huge source of knowledge and resources. Someone has probably done what you are trying to do. Learn from others, evolve and never stop learning. Share your findings and be humble to all levels of knowledge.

Or why not get a sample of my coding music here, listener discretion is advised.

Well met!

+46 709 711 283


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