Annika Sundqvist

Annika Sundqvist

UX Designer

I am a UX Strategist who believes that “soft” values such as user experience are, in fact, hard values, that should deliver real impact to a company. My job at Comprend is to make sure of that.

Most of my time at Comprend is spent consulting for clients, but I’m also the lead designer in our Creative Team, which means I spend time everyday figuring out how we can can be even better.

I love to dance – whether it's at home with my kids, in a nightclub or just at the Comprend office. My favourite drinks contain bubbles; sparkling water, beer or champagne, all of which fit perfectly on Stockholm’s best rooftop terrace on Sveavägen 20 (Comprend’s office)

My quote: Done is better than perfect! (Taken from Facebook's office)


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