Miguel Cruz de Oliveira

Miguel Cruz de Oliveira

Director Portugal, Spain and France

I'm proud to be at Comprend, where I am a missionary for open and clear communications.

In a world where relevance, clarity and even truth at times fall seriously short, I’m privileged to preach the virtues of digital in addressing the complexities of today’s corporate communications.

At Comprend I bring to the table a long and broad experience from diverse industries in different cultural settings, which gives me an edge in devising solutions that address new communications challenges.

I offer Comprend’s expertise while calling people’s attention to the importance of providing in an accessible way the information corporate audiences need to make well-founded judgements on companies’ performance and potential.

I employ my spare time to grow the resource base of our southern European outpost.

My leisure time I use mostly for physical, mental and emotional training.


+351 919 935 833


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