Thomas Ramzell

Thomas Ramzell

Project Manager

I work as a project manager at Comprend. At Comprend that means that I get to do lots of other fun stuff as well and I often take on the role as scrum master, test leader or digital advisor.

I started out as a network technician back in 96, but my interest for computers goes all the way back to the glorious days of Commodore 64 in the eighties.

Since then I have been working in different roles such as IT technician, web developer, project manager, support & maintenance manager and product owner.

Prior to Comprend I have worked both on the client side and on the consultant side which means that I have a good understanding from both worlds.

When I´m not working, I like working out on my bicycles, playing computer games or just hang out in my Jacuzzi looking at the stars.

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