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Ove Lartelius

Ove Lartelius

Backend Developer

Life should be fun! It is important to focus on things that are fun. How can you find time to be able to focus on things that you think is fun? What I did was to start working as a web developer about 20 years ago. I would say that I’ve have had a paid hobby for 20 years. And I think that I will continue to do that for 25 more years.

It has been a fantastic journey! At the beginning it was Access databases and ASP. Then the Access database where replaced with SQL Server and COM+ components were added to handle distributed transactions. Today I have 10 .NET related certifications and play with the newest technology within the .NET area. How many CMS systems have I not been part of building? I’m happy that it is now possible to use a product such as EPiServer, or likewise. Today I can look in the rearview mirror, and with a smile on my face, think back on all the ups and downs that I have gone through. All these years with customers, old/new technologies, bugs, learnings. As a developer I´m driven to deliver quality and cost effectiveness. Two things that some think can´t be mixed. I just believe that if you think before doing, have knowledge, use your experience and focus, you could do just that. Some would certainly think that you can solve that by using ReSharper :)

But there are also other things that appeal to my Microsoft brainwashed life. In my free time, I have a family, house, dog and Volvo to take care of. I even have an unpaid hobby to play bass in a rock band, we’re called Heart of Stones. Please listen to Spotify and see what you think: https://play.spotify.com/artist/0AM4vvkWzYfTgsSNvFizvr

When I get some time for myself, I usually sit happily in my “old man’s armchair” with a glass of wine, watching a movie. Sometimes with the laptop on my lap and testing some new code ideas or solutions.

Well…. That´s me!

Today's quote: If you do it right, it will be right! But 3 right is left.


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